Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Change your life NOW!! The choice is YOURS!

"You're so happy all the time, I just don't know how you do it!"
From someone who used to be in such a bad place emotionally, I can't tell you how much it means when I hear that! It lets me know that the CHANGE I have seen and feel is SHINING bright! It lets me know that the HARD WORK I've put in has been WORTH IT and it lets me know that the direction I'm headed is the RIGHT one!

So how am I always smiling?
> I have JOY & I've also FOUND MY PURPOSE!
> Even during the tough days during this deployment, I HAVE HOPE because I know life will never be the same.
> Even though there are days I want to just lay in bed, I GET UP anyway because I've got DREAMS to build and lives to help change.
> Even when life decides to throw in a curveball, I've got STRENGTH to hit it out of the park because of the personal development this company encourages us to do.
Look, I was no business owner when I first started & Lord knows I didn't know what I was doing!…what I did have was:
-DETERMINATION to have freedom
This business isnt for the well-trained… it's for those who are COACHABLE and not looking for a “Get RICH Quick Scheme!”
It’s for the person who is willing to TAKE RISKS, put in some work & learn as they go!
If you….
– KNOW you were meant for something greater…
– WANT to create independence & freedom for you & your family {or future family!} BUT also feel a calling to give back and help others!
– Want to live by DESIGN: Be your own boss- work when you want, where you want doing what you LOVE!
– COACHABLE and willing to spend a year making short-term sacrifices in order to spend the rest of your life enjoying long-term success!

If you are reading this & you hear that little voice….and your gut is telling you to GO FOR IT…I want to hear from you!

I am ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for my brand new LIFE BY DESIGN ACADEMY! Something I put my heart into creating!

If this is something you have been considering, or KNOW you were meant for more - let's CONNECT in a big way and get started!! I CANNOT WAIT to help you build YOUR DREAMS!!

APPLY HERE and we'll take the next step together towards your dreams
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