Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flashback to a time of discomfort, when I was sluggish, self-conscious, moody & felt lost....

Whoa, how times have changed!

I am the same shy, loving, encouraging, and fun girl I have always been bit now...

I am CONFIDENT, happier, HEALTHIER, and more passionate about living life to the fullest while helping others do the same!

What did I do? Decided enough was enough,  stepped out of my comfort zone and said YES to a unique and fun way to become the healthiest me!

I don't focus on becoming a new me because there was so much I liked about myself, I focus on being the best version of someone who was already beautiful. It just took me finding my confidence and feeling better than good to see that!
Why not you?
You're beautiful now! Be beautiful and FEEL GOOD too!!!

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