Friday, January 9, 2015

It's All Out of Love....Tough LOVE!

"I was up too late last night"
"I'm sore"
"It's just one day, I'll just change my rest day"
"No one will notice"
"I'm just not cut out for this"
"I knew I couldn't do it"
"I'll double up tomorrow"
"The workouts are too hard"
"Maybe unhealthy is just what I'm supposed to be"
"I don't have time today"

Any of those sound familiar?

Some of them do to me!! BUT here's a little TOUGH LOVE for ya Friday! 

When it comes to reaching our goals it doesn't take some special gene that gives someone more motivation than others....

it takes MAKING ADJUSTMENTS instead of excuses!!! 

> Up too late? Get up now and tonight shut off your phone, TV and get to bed earlier. 
> Sore? Push through it! It means your body is transforming. You WILL get stronger! 
> Changing your rest day? Pretty sure your calendar says to workout, so do it! Because that one rest day might turn into 7 days straight. 
> Don't think you're cut out for it? Then you're not BUT   only because you keep telling yourself that. If you change your mindset and start believing in what you're capable of, I'm pretty darn sure you'll shock yourself!

See my point? ADJUSTMENTS. Make em!

Then keep being AWESOME!
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