Monday, January 12, 2015

MOTIVATION MONDAY: Progress not Perfection, but first, you must START

So I teared up a little bit before getting in my workout...

Then I had to do a little dancing mixed in with my warm up! You know I had to!

I took some PROGRESS/goodbye pics that I do right along with my challengers and it hit me just how close I am to reaching goals I used to think were so far away. Goals I used to think were IMPOSSIBLE!

And to think fear almost kept me from going after feeling my best!! I would tell myself I couldn't or compare way too much. When I stopped doing that, things changed!

Isn't it true that most of us are paralyzed by indecision? Think of how much we would accomplish if we didn't let doubt get in our way. Rationalizing is one thing, but holding yourself back is another. It's good to know the difference!!

Whether you have 10lbs or 100lbs to lose, you can make it happen! BUT you won't know how great you can feel until you are done with just feeling okay. Slip ups, missed workouts, and tough days will happen

The difference maker is when you KEEP GOING, keep moving forward and you're able to look back and say "I DID IT!" instead of "I WISH".

What will you say at the end of 2015? At the end of the month?

The choice is YOURS!

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