Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Ahhh you guys!!!

I'm a flipping SIZE 2! Haven't been that size since 7th grade!

Before I left, this size wouldn't go past my thighs! I know, because in my search for shorts I tried on a pair just like these!

I decided to order a pair ONLINE (scary) and just wait to try them on....today just felt right...and lo and behold the shorts feel right too!!! 

4 months ago I had fallen off the wagon and down the hill lol I was feelong pretty crappy but decided it was time to get to business!
NO magic formula, just:
- pushing play daily EVEN when I don't feel like it
- getting my DENSE dose of nutrients for breakfast every day through Shakeology
- & having extra support and accountability from my monthly challenge groups
I've tried to have one without the other and it didn't work for me! Gym or YouTube videos but no nutrition guidance or support, locking in nutrition but no accountability to get to the gym!

That frustration is DONE and now I have a plan that, when I follow it (not even perfectly), WORKS!
This journey isn't one I want to do alone! If you're frustrated,  I GET IT! I'm excites because I not only feel amazing but I have the tools to help YOU!

All you have to do is take the first step >>>  FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION

and we'll take the next step together!

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