Wednesday, February 18, 2015

21 Day Fix Meal Plan Shopping List

I'm not the super organized type but something about having a shopping list that color coordinates with the 21 Day Fix containers I use for portion control just makes me happy!

I created this for my online fitness group and wanted to share this beauty for those of you that LOVE lists! 

It definitely helps that first time shopping trip much easier as you start your journey with this program! Don't lose heart on how long it takes to plan this time around! It WILL get EASIER

& you'll appreciate the work you put in when you start seeing RESULTS like....IMMEDIATELY!

If you need some extra help or TIPS for meal planning or just need some extra SUPPORT and you don't already have a coach helping you reach your goals, you can MAKE ME YOUR FREE COACH & I'll be with you ever step of the way!

Add these to your Meal Plan >>> 21 Day Fix Approved Desserts
Free Meal Plans >>>> for 21 Day Fix

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