Friday, February 13, 2015

5 Clean Eating Crock Pot Recipes

The Crockpot is one of my favorite staple items in my kitchen! I use mine at least once a week if not more when we have a busier schedule! Great for food prepping and even better for busy week nights!

If you have yet to get one, this is the one I use and love! You set it and can leave it all day. Once it's done cooking for the set amount of hours it needs then it stays on warm until you're ready to eat!

Pros: You can prep a meal that lasts for 2 days depending on your family size and the flavors that are infused from cooking all day is just amazing. No matter how busy your day, you can come home to an incredible dinner that no one has to know only took you 15 minutes to prep!

Cons: If you're home, you have to smell it ALL DAY LONG! haha but just stick to your meal plan throughout the day and you won't be hungry!

First up, my favorite:
Photo: Skinnytaste

Photo: Menu of Musings

Photo: My Natural Family

Photo: Skinnytaste

Photo: Skinnytaste

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