Friday, February 6, 2015

FOODIE FRIDAY: 21 Day Fix Approved Desserts

Okay, so we can't actually have a full blown big piece of cake while doing 21 Day Fix BUT that doesn't mean we have to suffer!!

There are ways around sticking with the plan and being able to have the flavors of our favorite desserts and get close enough to what you swear you're not allowed to eat!!

Trust me when I say these taste naughty for you, but fit right in with the plan and won't hinder your results. With EVERYTHING IN MODERATION of course! Stick to what it says about how much chocolate and your container count and you will be okay!

Let's start with my favorite & not just because I'm in the picture!

Photo: Family Fresh Meals

Photo: AK Un-Sugarcoated

Photo: Healthy Fit & Focused

Photo: Brooke's Blog

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