Thursday, March 5, 2015

Icy Sidewalks, Canned Tomatoes...Same Thing

Ever look at a label and wonder why in the world some of the ingredients are in there?

I used to not really notice....I'd think, "Oh Calcium Chloride, huh must be a form of calcium" & leave it at that but do any kind of skimming on the chemical and you'll see why I even made a video on this one!

I can guarantee when I start canning, I won't be looking for this stuff to throw in there! Why?! Because it's NOT NECESSARY!

Even if it was, this video explains why you should put the can down
I won't just rock your world with some info about what not to eat and then not give you some alternatives! Here are some different and DELICIOUS ways you can mix it up and not miss the canned craziness!

Photo: Wellness Mama

TOMATOLESS TOMATO SAUCE (don't laugh, it's good)
Photo: The Nourishing Gourmet

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