Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How Do I Conquer Hunger & Cravings As My Body Adjusts To A Healthier Lifestyle?

As much as I'd like it to be....It's not a simple answer even though the answer is simple...

In all honesty, it's a MENTAL battle more than anything as you and your body adjust to a new way of life BUT there are some tips to help trick your mind into being satisfied as your body adjusts and you get stronger physically and mentally!

1. Smaller meals throughout the day. If you are having 6 already, break it down to 8...same calorie/amount of food intake just split up into more meals so your body remains satisfied and your mind as well because you know you've got another meal coming up not long after the last (if that makes sense) >>> helped me when I was doing the countdown to competition plan. Once you figure out the perfect times for you to eat so you don't get those hunger pains, then you'll feel better!

2. If you are going to add to your plan because you're hungry, make it FRUITS & VEGETABLES, or high protein foods like beans & lentils. Keep those quick grab junk food options out of your reach. Like right now, there are cinnamon crackers that I LOVE and made sure not to buy them while I am stepping up my meal plan the last two weeks. Out of sight and reach, eventually out of mind! I know with kids that may eat those snacks it's harder but keeping it away from your site and asking your fam to help you with that will help a lot too

3. DRINK MORE fluids! Ahh I know, not more water haha but it WORKS! You're not just limited to water. I'll add in herbal (not flavored, the more pure the better) teas, black coffee (you can add a bit of stevia and/or coconut oil and blend), and vegetable broth (low in calories) and they all stimulate your digestive system so it keeps feeling hungry away for a while longer

4. Fiber also helps! I drink some in the morning when I'm doing my fasted cardio so I don't feel the need for breakfast right away and it holds me until I'm done working out and make breakfast. It's also part of my parasite cleansing

5. I head for another serving of Shakeology! If I'm heading to a get together or I know I'll be around food I don't need all day that will make my cravings strong. I'll make sure to have my daily dose of dense nutrition on hand. It helps me not just feel full but SATISFIED and curbs my cravings long enough to make it out on top!
PS - we don't always NEED to eat when our body says we're hungry. a lot of the time we are dehydrated, bored, stressed, etc. Drink liquid first, brush your teeth, go for a walk....and see if you're still hungry after being distracted!

It takes time to learn the discipline it takes to say "NO", but if you push through and keep trying again, it will become second nature and making healthy choices will become your new habit!

Remember....EAT TO LIVE not live to eat!

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