Tuesday, November 24, 2015

10 Tips to Survive the Holidays (without gaining weight)


We love the holidays right?! BUT those extra pounds that are added during the season, not so much!

We want to PRETEND to be Santa, not put on pounds like him!!! Can I get an AMEN?! haha

Well I wanted to help you out and share what I've learned and what helps me get through the holiday season, maintaining results & come out on the other side feeling GOOD!! Turkey eatin', pie having & all!!

Here are some tips that can help you get through the season without putting on that extra weight:

1) Know what types of foods will be there and what you will choose to eat.

Okay, so we know the typical foods that are going to be part of the holiday spread. We also know we've already started thinking about our favorites and how amazing it is going to taste to indulge! Go ahead and decide before the big day which foods you REALLY want to have and which ones you can do without. Save on the extras and enjoy the good stuff!

2) Downsize your holiday plate

For some reason when we think of Thanksgiving we think of oversized portions and eating way too much food to want to stand up! Ahhhh Why?!? I used to do that EVERY year! Graze all day, FILL UP on everything by eating way more in one sitting than I have all year lol, go into food coma and watch football, then whatever space opened up gets filled with too much dessert! Then more grazing after that...

When did that become "a thing"?! Nothing about it is comfortable and really I never enjoy feeling that way sooooo why do we take the holidays and make it a glutton fest?!

Let's try something different this year! Let's try downsizing our holiday plate. You could start by taking a smaller plate than normal and then taking SMALLER portions of everything you love!

That's right, I'm definitely NOT saying don't enjoy the foods you love!! I wouldn't do such a thing because I love food myself!! haha I am just saying to take less so you can ENJOY MORE! We still get the flavors we love without over stuffing and topping it with a bit of guilt! Way better, right? I'd say yes!

Here is a blog post to kind of put what a normal holiday plate looks like, translates into nutrition wise, and what you can do to make this holiday different >>>> DOS & DON'TS OF FILLING YOUR PLATE

And to think that the holiday plate they show in their "before" still wasn't as big as mine used to be! Why didn't anybody question me?!

3) Fill your plate with vegetables, fruits and lighter options

Start your eating with these foods and than eat your favorites. This way you won't be so hungry for the calorie-dense foods. Besides, your relatives and the people around you are only going to draw attention to your food choices if you have an empty plate or are picking at food. This way, you are eating, your plate is full and you're enjoying the foods you've chosen. No one should feel sorry for you, including you.

4) It's OK to "just say no"

I know that the stores like to bring out those amazing treats (like those toffees at Trader Joe's!! mmm lol) just for the season, but that doesn't mean we have to go CRAZY and eat it all in two months!!

Enjoy what you love but in MODERATION!

5) Cut back on the GRAZING!

If you're cooking, try not to nibble throughout the day. If you're at a party with snack trays EVERYWHERE, LOAD UP on some WATER! You will feel full and not want to keep picking at all the yummy treats! We want more room for the real deal meal anyway!!!

6) Try some new lighter recipes.

Use some incredibly FRESH ingredients! Sub out ingredients like coconut oil for butter. You'll be surprised at how much BETTER your food will taste & you can let your guests in on your little secret when it's all said, eaten, and done!

7) Offer to bring a dish & keep it healthy.

That way you know there will be at least ONE dish you can feel guilt free about eating!

8) Tis NOT the season to have one too many

Don't be the new holiday party story this year! Alcohol not only slows down your metabolism, it blocks common sense too!! Not to mention, the lack of good judgement on how much food is enough! Binge eating sessions do not help when trying to stay healthy! Try a wine spritzer instead of champagne. Or just try to limit yourself so you can enjoy your holiday with your friends and family!

9) Have a healthy snack before you go to a holiday meal.

Don't go to a party on an empty stomach. When you get to the party and you're already satisfied, you're less likely to eat as a reaction to hunger. I'll be sipping on some Snickers nutrient packed SHAKE before I go to cut back on cravings and help dumb down my sweet tooth!

10) Workout before you dip out

Get active before the holiday meals to get your metabolism going. When you make sure to get regular exercise, you lose the desire for unhealthy foods. Who wants to get their butt kicked and then throw it all away with a twinkie?!

The holidays are meant to enjoy our time with friends and family! I know for some the holidays are hard, but don't let the emotional eating get the best of you because in the end it will only make you feel worse! Focus on the good, get plenty of good food, don't be too hard on yourself if you have a slip up, and focus more on giving instead of what you can take in!

Happy Holidays!

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