Sunday, December 31, 2017

NEW 80 Day Booty Building, Ab Shredding Home Workout Program!


IT'S HERE!!!! A one-of-a-kind AT HOME fitness program for anyone who wants a firm, shaped booty AND the flattest abs of their lives!! Count me in!!
80 Day Obsession is an effective, step-by-step approach to building a shaped, curvy booty while also shrinking your core. It’s 80 days of obsessive focus on fitness and nutrition, spread over only 13 weeks.  
Is it extreme? Yeah it is, but that's exactly what we need! The workouts are intense — averaging 45 minutes to an hour in length. And the nutrition guidelines are every bit as demanding. You’ll be following a specific macro-nutrition plan perfectly timed to give you amazing results at each phase of the program. Look below at the results.
Mommas, couples, athletes, busy working people, students....Anyone can get results with this progam! 

Autumn knows exactly how to transform bodies after years of training clients, creating powerful fitness programs, and carving out her own hard-won success as a bikini competitor. With 80 Day Obsession, she leaves nothing to chance in making sure that your 80 Day Obsession results in a body that’s healthy, fit, firm, and HOT.
 Want to make sure you’re ready for 80 Day Obsession? Or just sample what the the program is all about? Autumn has created a 5-day introduction to 80 Day Obsession, called A Little Obsessed, to get you started. 

It's made up of five 30-minute-long workouts, and features moves taken from the full program. A Little Obsessed lets you learn the exercises and get a taste of the nutrition plan you’ll be following once 80 Day Obsession begins.

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The journey isn't going to stop there, you guys! 
Once we are prepared to be obsessed, we're going to go into full on O B S E S S I O N together in my EXCLUSIVE virtual fit club streamlined through an incredible fitness tracking app!
You do not want to miss out on this life changing program and experience!
You're not only investing in your health and the tools to help you feel your best, your gaining a COMMUNITY full of support and surrounding yourself with EMPOWERING people on the same mission as you! 
You're investing in creating healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

What is a Virtual Fit Club?

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