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Sharing my story has taken me quite a while to write. I wasn’t sure what response I would get, and to be honest I wasn’t ready to put myself out there like this, but I’m at point in my life where I’m at peace with my past, happy with where I’m at, and even more excited about where I’m going. I have found my purpose and part of it is using my past as tool to help instead of an anchor weighing me down. So if I can help even just a couple people have hope, then any negativity that might be derived from my story will be worth it.

My success and what I consider to be a beautiful life did not happen overnight and despite what social media might show, it wasn’t easy. I sat alone one night and started thinking of what I have accomplished over the last year. Then I thought about how far I’ve come. 3 years ago I did NOT see myself where I’m at right now. I had dreams of where I wanted to be, but nothing I was doing at the time was taking me in the direction I needed to go to get me there.

Why not? Well here’s a little history: I come from a GOOD family. We aren’t perfect (who is?), but I thank God for the upbringing I had in the church and parents that taught me values because in the end I know it’s what saved me. Unfortunately, that is not always what I believed. I held unnecessary grudges that tricked my mind into thinking the world was against me. I let my mind get the best of me, my self-esteem defeat me, and that led to me to spiral out of control into a self-destructive lifestyle that I never saw coming.

I partied way too much trying to fill a void with drinking that turned into a vicious cycle of masking the void for a night until I woke up the next morning with more regret and pain. I developed an eating disorder that destroyed my world for YEARS. I couldn't accept myself so I looked for acceptance from others. I burned bridges and hurt people I love; never really realizing how much that would affect me. I had more close calls with the law and even death than I’d like to think about, and even after I had joined the Army, I really wasn’t going anywhere in life. 

I was a single mother with no direction, and the stress of it all was more than I thought I could bare. I remember the night I fell to my knees, the night tears flowed from my eyes without signs of stopping while I begged God to help me. That is when things started to change. I looked at life differently. I began to have hope, and I began to want to make the necessary changes I needed to so I could make sure my future life was one worth living for me and for Aidan.

I was once ashamed of my past but I’ve learned that my past does NOT define me. God has turned my scars into STARS. I have the present to work with, and my future is what I make it. I want to use it as a way to help others and as fuel for my focus to propel me forward. 

Once I changed my mindset and once I saw the gleam of light, once I started to find my faith again, things started to happen! 

- I started and FINISHED school
- I met the man who is beyond my wildest dreams (once I stopped looking)
- and after a brief hesitation, I became a Beachbody coach

All of which contribute to the positive life I am living now. I thank God daily for leading me in the direction I am in now and for the Beachbody opportunity because I have finally found my PURPOSE and I have finally found PEACE through helping others while also improving myself. 

I do not have any special traits, training or experience for what I do. What I do have is no fear of dreaming BIG, passion, determination, and a willingness to do what it takes to live the vision I have for our family.

I shared this to show you that no matter what you have done; God’s plan is BIGGER than your mistakes. You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will always prevail (Proverbs 19:21) Don’t give up! “You can’t change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight” – Jim Rohn - Your future will be so worth it! 

Maybe this isn't the end all be all for you, but it can be the vehicle that can take you where you want to go! What could you do if you had the freedom to do anything? What would your life look like? What would it feel like?

If you are ready to change your current situation. If you know you are meant for something MORE. If you want something BIGGER for you and your family. To start learning to LIVE LIFE BY YOUR DESIGN

If you’re interested, I have a spot for YOU! Fill out the application HERE, and we’ll take the next step together! 

CONTACT ME anytime if you'd like some more info or have any questions!

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